G.S Optixx Ltd. is a private company established in January 2009 by Roni Shoef and Gil Kadri.

Today, the company imports and distributes medical equipment in the fields of Ophthalmology, Dentistry, ENT, and Ophthalmic consumables to its customers in Israel and Palestine.

The company represents international medical device manufacturing companies and has strong relationships with major international manufacturers, allowing for the introduction of the newest technological innovations to ensure that your clinic, institute, or medical center operates efficiently and profitably.

Since its inception, the company has strived to perfect the quality and availability of the service, as evidenced by hundreds of satisfied customers from Dan to Eilat.

The company markets and sells its products and provides service to private individuals, institutions, hospitals, health funds, the Ministry of Defense and the Medical Corps, private clinics and stores. The company’s other clients include well-known doctors in their field, leading ophthalmology centers, and large professional optic institutes.

Our offices are located in the industrial area of ​​Sderot and include a service laboratory, a showroom and a warehouse for goods. The company has a professional service laboratory and a team of professional technicians who provide service and repairs for a wide range of equipment in all parts of the country.

The service and sales team undergo professional training in Israel and by the manufacturers abroad. Furthermore, the company provides professional training and after-sales service for all its products.

The company is certified the ISO 9001 standard, a standard for quality assurance management, which enables work with public and government institutions and the Ministry of Defense.

The company operates in the following fields:


Diagnostic equipment – used by optometrists and ophthalmologists, for the purpose of performing tests and diagnostics.

Laboratory equipment – used by laboratories in optic stores for cutting and polishing lenses.

Consumables – for treating dry eye, implant lenses and more.

Equipment for operating rooms – microscopes, operating room beds, magnification systems.

Additional medical equipment:

Equipment for operating rooms and clinics, microscopes,Loupes surgery and more.

Roni Shoef – Co-CEO

Roni has about 30 years of experience in the field of ophthalmic and optical medical equipment. He began his career at “DAGIL Optical Products Ltd.” when the company was founded in 1988, and was VP of marketing and sales until its sale in 2007. The company marketed equipment for ophthalmologists, hospitals, and for optical stores throughout the country.

Roni has extensive knowledge in the technical field, in-depth knowledge of suppliers and close ties with customers.

Gil Kadri – Co-CEO

Has experience of about 28 years in the field of ophthalmic and optical medical equipment. He joined “DAGIL Optical Products Ltd.” in 1992 and served as VP of customer service at the company until its sale to Teva in 2007. Upon the sale of the company, Gil joined Teva and managed the field of optical products until the establishment of GS Optixx Ltd.

Gil has extensive knowledge in the technical field, in-depth knowledge of suppliers and close ties with customers.

The company’s main resource is its human resource – the staff with the knowledge, experience and connections they bring to the company. The staff have a high reputation among the health funds, hospitals, ophthalmologists, optometrists and optical stores in the country. Our team is well known as professional, reliable and efficient.

The company markets equipment to a select list of customers, with whom the team has been working for many years. The company strives to gradually expand the range of products it imports and thus gives more solutions to its customers.

We have a technical service laboratory with genuine spare parts, we are able to provide replacement equipment according to urgency and need (in most cases when it can not be repaired on site). Additionally, we have skilled service personnel deployed throughout the country that are able to respond within 24 hours of receiving the service call.